Department of Mechanical Design

Department of Mechanical Design was formed by the merger of three basic teaching and research sections of Mechanical Drawing, Mechanisms Theory and Mechanical Design, and National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Mechanical Basis in 2020. It is the core support of undergraduate teaching work of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and also an important force in mechanical basic science research. It has won a series of honors, including 2 first prizes of national teaching achievements, 1 second prize of national teaching achievement, 1 first prize of national excellent textbook, the first batch teaching base of national engineering basic course, the first batch of national famous teachers, the first batch of national teaching team, the first batch of national experimental teaching demonstration center, 2 national excellent courses, 2 national excellent resource sharing courses, 3 national excellent online open courses and first-class courses, as well as 1 provincial third prize of science and technology progress.

Department of Mechanical Design has 30 faculty members, including 6 professors, 9 associate professors, 6 lecturers and 9 experimental teachers. It also includes 2 provincial famous teachers and 3 university-level famous teachers.

Department of Mechanical Design is mainly responsible for the teaching of core basic courses such as "Mechanical engineering drawing", "Three-dimension design and drawing", "Mechanisms Theory", "Mechanical design", "Mechanical Design Basis", "Practice of Electromechanical Integrated Design" and related course projects, covering more than 2000 students every year. In recent years, more than 30 teaching reform and research projects were undertaken to promote teaching research, course construction, textbook compilation and students’ science and innovation practice training. Up to now, 15 MOOC courses have been completes, among them "Mechanical Design", "Series Science and Technology Innovation Courses for College Students", " Innovation and Entrepreneurial Practice for College Students" were selected as national excellent online open courses. Guided students won more than 300 awards in science and innovation competitions, including more than 20 national first prizes. The blended teaching reform based on MOOC won provincial first prize of teaching achievement in 2018. In recent years, 7 textbooks have been newly compiled, including 1 national planning textbook and 2 new form textbooks.

The main research fields of Department of Mechanical Design include intelligent mechanical design, machine vision, computer graphics and image processing, digital design and detection, robotics and theory of mechanism, modern design theory and methods, mechanical energy collection and storage technology, etc. There is a strong scientific research force, including about 120 postgraduate students and 20 doctoral students. It has undertaken 16 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, a number of provincial and ministerial projects and enterprise projects, published more than 100 SCI papers, and authorized/publicized more than 200 invention patents.