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-----National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

The Teaching Center of Mechanical basis at Southwest Jiaotong University was established in 2001 on the basis of the first batch of "National Mechanical Foundation Course Teaching Bases in Engineering" of the Ministry of Education. During the same year, it was named the Sichuan Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and passed the evaluation of the Ministry of Education smoothly in 2006, and became one of the first six national experimental teaching demonstration centers for mechanical engineering.

The Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical basis is located in the No. 5 building on Xipu campus, with a building area of 3013 square meters, 1491 sets of equipment, and a total equipment value of 17.2 million RMB. It includes teaching directions such as mechanical drawing, mechanical manufacturing basics, principles of machines, and mechanical design. There are 21 laboratories including comprehensive design of mechanical transmission, comprehensive design of shaft system, modern production process and automation, virtual design and three-dimensional digital detection, geometric accuracy measurement, mechanical power analysis and design, innovation laboratory for undergraduates, and computer room of the School of Mechanical Engineering, etc.

The Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical basis implements two-level management by our university and our school, and is guided by modern educational philosophy and driven by innovation, relying on the fully reinforced mechanical engineering discipline of Southwest Jiaotong University, the first batch of excellent teaching bases of National Mechanical Foundation Course Teaching Bases in Engineering and the first batch of National Mechanical Foundation Teaching Groups, it has achieved a number of symbolic teaching achievements, and has received a number of national and provincial teaching achievement awards, including 3 National Level Teaching Achievement First Prize, 2 National Level Teaching Achievement Second Prize, and 3 Sichuan Province Teaching Achievement First Prize.

At present, the Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical basis has 2 national high-quality courses, 2 national high-quality resource sharing courses, national high-quality video open courses, 2 provincial outstanding teaching teachers, 4 outstanding teaching teachers of the university, 4 provincial high-quality courses, and many different types MOOC online courses, etc., which built a leading practice teaching platform of mechanical foundation at the national scale.

The experimental center undertakes the experimental teaching tasks of a series of mechanical basic courses in the school, and carries out experimental teaching for mechanical drawing, manufacturing technology basis, principles of machines, mechanical design and other specialized basic courses of mechanical engineering, widely covering the mechanical engineering, relative mechanical engineering and other majors with a variety of more than 80 experimental projects(including compulsory, elective, etc.).


The Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical basis has compiled and published more than 10 textbooks. A batch of self-developed core mechanical basic experimental devices have been promoted and applied nationwide. A leading experimental teaching center with distinctive features and significant demonstrative effects has been initially established. In November 2012, the Experimental Teaching Center of Mechanical basis successfully passed the on-site acceptance check organized by the Ministry of Education.

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