International Exchange

School of Mechanical Engineering adheres to international cooperation, and has established cooperation relationships with universities and enterprises at home and abroad. It has achieved abundant accomplishment in Sino-foreign cooperation education, communication between teachers and students, scientific collaborative projects, scholarship establishing and school construction funding, etc.

Since 2010, the school has sent more than 10 young teachers to foreign universities as Auburn University, George Mason University, University of Leeds and Brunel University, etc. for scientific research as visiting scholars. And also has sent more than 10 PHD students to Georgia Institute of Technology, State University of New York, and Auburn University, etc. for PHD trained.

The school strengthens communications with international high-level experts and scholars. It attracted 1 expert of thousand talents project in 2011 and 1 ChangJing Scholar Professor in 2012. The school also introduced some international short-term experts for the need of scientific research and teaching, such as Doctor Shenfeng Qin from design department of Brunel University, Doctor Bin Wang from British national structure integrity research center, etc. They work with our professor for scientific research, teaching introduction and undertake some courses.

The school undertook many significant international academic conferences, which extended academic communications. In 2012, some core teachers participated in International Higher Engineering Education Conference in London. Their scientific research and teaching concepts of Mechanical Engineering were accepted by international colleagues, and the leading teacher was appointed as a magazine editor of International Journal of mechanical Engineering Education.