School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest faculties of Southwest Jiaotong University, its predecessor is the machinery branch of the TangShan railways and mines school, which was founded in 1919.Tangshan Railway Institute, Beijing Jiaotong college, and Shanghai Jiaotong University were Established in 1921. After then the railway machinery division was transferred to Shanghai Jiaotong University.

In 1949, The department of mechanical engineering was restored, the Dean was Professor Shi Jiayi. He graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and then studying in the UK . He is also the British Royal Society. The new established Mechanical engineering set an undergraduate course and two locomotives special training courses, and hired teachers in various aspects such as Professor Sun Zhusheng, Professor Chen Zhonggan, Professor Mao Jiaxun, Professor Liu Zhonghua, etc, therefore a strong faculty was formed.

Because of the reshuffling of schools and departments  in 1952, some well known departments  in the country was transferred to other universities, which is strongly supporting other domestic universities and founding the new china’s education . Also in this year, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was renamed the Department of Railway Transport and Mechanical Engineering.

In 1972,the school was moved to Sichuan Emei, and the faculty was renamed Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1983,the Department of Mechanical Engineering has split into two faculties, the fisrt department of Department of Mechanical Engineering and the second Department of Mechanical Engineering.In 1985,department of materials engineering was set up, which was Separated from the  Department of Mechanical Engineering. In 1994, the School of Mechanical Engineering Was formally established.

Over the past 90 years, the School of Mechanical Engineering fostered a large number of domestic and foreign well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. The Shen Zhiyun academicians is the outstanding representative of them. Especially in the past five years, it gained outstanding achievements in research, teaching and academic team building. As a hosted unit, the College was awarded a Second Class National Prize of Natural Science, three items of first state-level prize of "Outstanding Achievements in Education, a thesis of "National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation", and established the first National Creative Research Groups in the disciplines of mechanical engineering.

The college has a national key disciplines of mechanical engineering, Mechanical engineering post-doctoral stations, a doctoral programs and a master programs under first-level discipline categories, six doctoral programs and seven master programs under second-level discipline categories and three professional engineering Master degree programs. The College has three laboratories of provincial and ministry levels, which were the important parts of the traction power state key laboratory and Key Laboratory of Advanced Technologies of Materical Ministry of Education. The main research areas include: tribology and surface engineering, modern design and theory, lifting transportation and logistics equipment, mechanical electro-hydraulic compound intelligent control technology, HVAC and industrial aerodynamics, modern mechanical and electrical testing and control technology, digital control technology and virtual manufacturing, automotive and combustion engine innovation design, vehicles and urban rail vehicles equipment 、robotic mechanisms and design automation technology etc.

Through generation after generation of mechanical students and teachers’ hard working, the school of mechanical engineering had a great influence in the domestic with remarkable achievements and solid strength. The School teachers and students will continue to carry forward the spirit of mechanical, forge ahead and meet the challenges in order to make it become a college of the domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-level research institute.