Locomotive & Railway Vehicle Engineering Experiment Center

The Locomotive and Railway Vehicle Engineering Experimental Center serves the rail transit related majors of the university, and is the undergraduate teaching and graduate practice base of the Department of Locomotive and Railway Vehicle Engineering. Relying on the national key discipline and first-class major of vehicle engineering, the Center has outstanding traditional advantages. It has cultivated many outstanding talents for the construction and development of the national locomotive and rolling stock enterprise, and the graduates are all over the rail transit industry.

There are 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 12 lecturers and engineers, and 1 professional technician.64% have doctorates. Mainly engaged in the research of locomotive and rolling stock design and theory, train safety and reliability technology, brake control technology, vehicle test equipment and test related fields.

The laboratory covers an area of 1600m2 and is divided into two parts: Xipu Campus and Jiuli Campus. The laboratory has the largest and most complete locomotive and vehicle model showroom in China, and the only stationary experimental platform for the braking system of heavy-load trains with 10,000 tons in colleges and universities. In addition, there are set test stations for high - speed EMU braking system, breaking system test rig for rolling stock and railway passenger vehicla, vehicle electrical equipment test rig, vehicle air conditioning performance test rig, vibration absorber performance test rig, DJDK-1 electric electronic technology motor control and suspension system vibration test rig. Through disassembly and assembly of key components, performance test and other ways, focus on cultivating students' hands-on ability, more intuitive understanding of the structure and performance of locomotives and vehicles.

The equipments of the laboratory are mainly shown as follows.

Contact Information

Telperson in charge): +86-13908082717Ni Wenbo