Engineering Machinery

Department of Engineering Machinery

The Department of Engineering Machinery is mainly engaged in teaching and research in lifting and transportation machinery, construction machinery, rail transit operation and maintenance technology and equipment, logistics technology, intelligent equipment, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial engineering. It has the Provincial Key Laboratory of Material Handling Machinery, Technology and Equipment of Rail Transit Operation and Maintenance Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, and is also an affiliate of the Sichuan Provincial Logistics Engineering Special Committee.

The Department of Engineering Machinery currently has 19 full-time teachers and experiment teachers, including 5 professors and 6 associate professors. It has a scientific research team with stable research directions, reasonable knowledge structure. Professor Cheng Wenming, the dean of the department, is a doctoral tutor, an expert with outstanding contributions from Sichuan Province and the Ministry of Railways, and a reserve candidate for academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province.

In terms of teaching, the Department of Engineering Machinery is responsible for the daily teaching of two majors, including mechanical design-manufacturing and its automation major (lifting& transportation machinery and construction machinery) and industrial engineering.

In terms of scientific research, we attach importance to the coordinated development of basic theoretical research, applied research, and independent innovation development research, and continue to explore new ways in the combination of industry, university and research. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 30 national natural science foundation, provincial and ministerial-level projects and important military projects, and has achieved a series of scientific research results that won 30 national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards. It has more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents, and has successfully developed a series of high-tech products urgently needed for production, and has obtained significant economic and social benefits. The institute has the right to grant master's and doctoral degrees, and has a post-doctoral mobile station. So far, more than 600 post-doctoral, doctoral, and master students have been trained. The main research directions are:

(1) Design theory of lifting, transportation and construction machinery

(2) Strength and reliability of mechanical structure

(3) Dynamic simulation of mechanical system, tunnel and bridge construction equipment, line operation and maintenance technology and equipment

(4) Fault diagnosis of big data and complex electromechanical system

(5) Logistics equipment and automation, intelligent logistics and optimization

(6) Intelligent production scheduling

(7) Intelligent product customization

(8) Intelligent equipment design

Related achievements have been widely used in the fields of lifting and transportation, shield construction, line operation and maintenance, production and service systems.