Electromechanical measurement and control system

Department of Electromechanical Measurement and Control system

The department of Electromechanical Measurement and Control system (EMCS) of Southwest Jiaotong Universiy, founded in 2013, was merged form the former four departments of mechatronics engineering, instrumentation, transportation and new driving technology center. Including mechanical and electrical controlling experiment center, new driving technology key laboratory and national engineering center of advanced driving energy-saving technology of the education department, the department of Electromechanical Measurement and Control system (EMCS) is a teaching and scientific research institution dominated by the theory and application research of hydromechatronics system, intelligent robots, and high-speed train monitoring and control.

In recent years, the department has undertaken and completed a quantity of scientific research projects, including 12 projects under the National Natural Science Found, 2 projects under the National Science and Technology Major Project, 2 projects under the National 863 Program, 5 projects under the National Science and Technology Support Program, 5 projects under the Major Science Project of Sichuan Province, 1 International Cooperation Project and multiple Military Projects, with a total funding of nearly 50 million yuan. More than 120 invention patents and 200 utility model patents were authorized. The teachers and students of the department published over 400 papers, among which more than 100 were retrieved by SCI/EI. The research results have won 1 first prize, 5 second prize, 4 third prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, 2 first prize of teaching achievement awards of Sichuan province. The students in this department obtained 15 first prize, 12 second prize, 3 third prize in national competitions, and 15 first prize in competitions of Sichuan province. The teachers have published 13 monographs and teaching materials, hosted 1 national bilingual demonstration course and 2 elaborate courses of university.

The department of Electromechanical Measurement and Control system(EMCS) currently has 38 faculty members, consisting of 6 professors, 1 part-time oversea dean, 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (8 doctoral mentors), 19 associate professors, 12 lecturers and 1 engineer. It was approved to enroll doctoral students in major of mechatronic engineering, and masters in major of mechatronic engineering and mechanical engineering. At present, it has about 20 doctoral students and more than 180 masters. The main research fields are:

(1) Design and reliability of intelligent electromechanical hydraulic system

(2) Theory and application of intelligent robot

(3) High-speed structural dynamic analysis and simulation

(4) Condition monitoring and control of manufacturing process

(5) Mechatronics measurement and control system and instrument

(6) Noise control technology of high-speed train

(7) CAD / CAM of mechatronics and hydraulic system

(8) Fluid power system and energy-saving technology

The related achievements include:

(1) Service life prediction technology for key components of CNC

(2) Tool life prediction technology and system development

(3) Fault diagnosis system development of mechanical equipment based on Web

(4) Development of non-standard mechatronics equipment

(5) Performance detection and proactive maintenance technology for high-speed train

(6) Fluid-solid coupling dynamics computing and software development

(7) Development and application of intelligent robot

(8) Dynamic performance testing, analysis and optimization for mechanical structure

(9) Design of electro-hydraulic servo control system

(10) Noise control and fire-prevention design of high-speed train